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Want to perfect your rowing technique with the help of Olympic athletes, world champions, and professional coaches? Rowing in Tuscany is committed to helping you improve with our specialized camps designed for rowers of every level that will take you through the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany. 

Technical analysis

Matteo Stefanini and Luca Agamennoni Olympian rower with two new rowers.


Our bespoke “Booster” session allows the rower to learn and row alongside a medal-winning Olympian on the same boat, who will share their knowledge and skills while working with the rower to improve. This personalized experience provides more than simply instruction, as often improvement comes from working with professionals to learn techniques that cannot be communicated simply with words, but must be felt and sensed on the boat itself. 

We are committed to helping you to learn to increase your speed by teaching you techniques our Olympian rowers use to make the most of your bodyweight, conserve energy, and optimize your rowing technique. By the time you leave, you will feel that the oars are extensions of your arms and your hands are the instrument by which the boat moves!

With each session we will analyze technical videos to help you to better understand and execute precise movements and techniques, in a fun and open exchange between us and the rowers.

Each rower is individual and unique, which is why we treat every group of rowers as if they were private lessons, creating a tailor-made programs that target every single need and level of the group, from novices to professional athletes that are training for world competitions. 

You will have the chance to row in various scenic spots around Tuscany, from passing underneath Florence’s sparkling Ponte Vecchio to gliding along the historic centre of Pisa, to learning in our Headquarters in the Cavallini Rowing Club.