what kind of boats will be using?

We have a large number of boats for different weight and different needs.We have the best boat as “Filippi boat” the better in performance using for Olympic race. We prefer using single  and double because we believe that it’s a best way to improve technique and feeling in a row.If you want row in a Pair you can do it but we prefer for this reason that you come to the camp with a partner you have already rowed together. Putting two rowers together in a Pair with different background risks that one of the two fails to make progress.

what if I have never rowed before?Or neophyte ?

We tailor made each you need, you could try in a total safe we have particular boat for that . Usually each Camp it’s made on the base of background of each person in a way that will be easy managed that. In our TESTIMONIALS Steven and Leslei as perfect example.  

if i my partner isn't a rower ?

Don’t worry we’ll find an extra activities where you can spend a pleasant holiday. 

how are we floowed by coach?

We make, for each Camp, little group of rower maximum 4/5 person because we believe that this way is the best for give a top improve skills rower from a each coach.

what if it rains/strong wind or the river has strong currents due to the rains?

We are dependent on weather conditions even if the Camp is in the summer and all this is rare in Italy. In particular conditions will improve the skills in ERGO, stretching technique of gym and video.All this inconvenient will be enjoy with a doubling up hot springs, testing wine  and cooking class.

how will make of training in camp?

Each Camp will be offer you each kind of training. We are Olympic rower/coach we have both protocol for hard rowing and for a normal rower that want just improve your technique get all relax that Tuscany could offer.

where will we stay?

We have a partnership with a local farmhouses (typical in Tuscany) in San Miniato usually with a mazing view and swimming pool.

Is it true that I will be able to go out on a boat with an Olympic medalist?

It’s all true but this don’t be make a way for your shy if you are a no expert rower. I believe that a Olympic rower/coach could give you the best advice in each level you are respect others  precisely because he manages to be empathetic with the boat and the person.