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The Vogalonga is a non-competitive celebration for all rowers. This peaceful protest against wave damage caused by motor boats, and lagoon degeneration, brings together Venetians and enthusiasts from around the world.


The Vogalonga is held on the Pentecost Day which according to Venice’s tradition is connected to the symbol marriage of the Doge (noble man in ancient Venice) to the sea. The naval review course length is 30km (18 mails). It crosses the Lagoon to the Burano Island and twists it way back through Cannaregio to the end point in the Grand Canal. The boats gather in St. Mark’s Basin and the enormous crowd enjoys the sight of the beautiful colorful boats at the time they leave and when they come back.

You will row in beautiful Venice with Olympic medalists to get

18 - 19 May 2024

If you would like to participate in the event or if you need some more information, do not hesitate to write to us.