..Leslie and I met Matteo whole rowing in Italy a few years back.He impressed us as a kind gentle individual who knew what he was teaching and could do so in a way that a novice/neophyte rower (me, my first time in a single) and an advanced rower (Leslie) felt comfortable in what he was teaching.It is a rare coach who has the desire and ability to offer coaching on all levels and does do with the same enthusiasm and energy. Matteo did exactly that. 

When I flipped Matteo pulled me ashore and made me get back in the boat (wet clothes and all) though I wanted walk away for the day.He helped me to understand that flipping in an early part of learning.

Matteo was able to coaching both on the ERG and on the water.He helped to show us how what we did in the ERG related directly to what we did on the water.While on the ERG the emphasis was not on the monitor rather on the stroke.

I was real “high” to know we were getting instructions from a multiple timed Olympic athlete though never did Matteo flaunt his achievements – truly a humble individual..

Steven & Leslie


I’m so excited that Matteo has decided to put his talents to use and launch Rowing in Tuscany. Matteo has a fabulous coaching style that can benefit anyone looking to improve and understand their rowing technique better. He is kind and extremely knowledgeable. And what’s better than improving your rowing while in Tuscany where you can experience the food and fabulous Italian culture. This is a great option for people who want to incorporate their passion for rowing with a desire to travel and see Italy!

FROM Smith Mountain Lake, VA

I am a  former track athlete that converted to sculling 3 years ago, with some success in the sport of rowing I was in need of some true fine tuning to gain more speed and technical efficiency. Since training under coach Matteo Stefanini my technique has improved tremendously, my overall fitness  has increased 10 fold with is athlete specific workouts, If you are looking to learn, or develop more  in rowing or sculling I highly recommend Coach Matteo Stefanini.

From texas