Matteo Stefanini

founder and coach

Three Olympic Games in Three different boat classes 1x, 4x, 8+ and several medals from the World Championships. He specializes in sweep and sculling, and is the Founder of “Rowing In Tuscany Academy” and  professional rowing Coach.

The lake of Roffia  is the Headquarter of “Rowing in Tuscany” located in San Miniato. The venue is embedded in a natural reserve. This lake turned out to be ideal for regattas. It is 2.0 km long, but only a few hundred meters wide and straight, thus forming a natural regatta course. This amazing place is surrounded by rolling hills making it protected from side winds where the flow and the currents are minimal.  Technical lessons and video shooting will be carried out on every boat trip this thanks to the tranquility of the lake you will be able to go out by boat, in rotation, with the Olympic champions.

We will row under The Old Bridge in the heart of Florence in The Arno riveri that passes in the middle of Florence. It is 1.5 km long and only a few hundred meters wide. The river in the summer it’s quite calm and flat but sometimes will find a slight current due to heavy rains. We will hear the sound of our boats on the water passing under The Vasari Corridor. Will be guests of Canottieri Firenze where will taste a traditional dishes and splendid local wine, perhaps taking advantage of an exceptional view such as Ponte Vecchio and the slow and elegant flow of the river Arno.

We are in the heart of Pisa at few meters of ” Piazza dei Miracoli” the same river, same water  that wet our boats in Florence. In this stretch of river we have the possibility to row for 10 km without ever having to turn the boat. In this way will have the opportunity to take care of the technique and feeling of our boat. While you’ll row in this amazing place you’ll see the famous “lungarno” those streets which pass beside this river bank and The  Bridges over Arno river famous pieces of History in Pisa.